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Which of Raphie's RPG Characters are you? :|

Pick a word. Any word.
a) tranquility
b) sex
c) wealth
d) escape
e) chocolate
f) confliction

Do you feel loved by your family?
a) Of course. Why wouldn’t I? Though, the insanity of my mother and my father’s death rather killed it.
b) No. I hate them and they hate me.
c) I hate my sibling. God, I can’t stand them.
d) My intermediate family met disaster and now I only have my distant, mysterious relatives to rely on.
e) I adore my sibling. They’re my best friend and the only one who understands me.
f) I adore my parents, but I’m a bit afraid of my sibling. I love them, but they’ve been a bit off lately. Hmmm.

Have you ever been in love?
a) I think so. Don’t quote me on that, though.
b) Yes. And my heart was trampled over. Fuck love.
c) No. There was this one guy, but – No, I don’t think so.
d) Mybestfriend.
e) Love? Hahahahaha. You’re joking? Me?
f) Yes. And I still am. I only wish our love was easier. I hope they’re okay.

Time to get morbid. Are you scared of dying?
a) If it’s for the greater good, I’ll accept it. If not….hell no.
b) I don’t care. No really. If I die, what does it matter?
c) YES! Look how young I am, you idiot?
d) I’m terrified, but if things keep going this way….
e) Kind of. I don’t like to think about it.
f) No. As long as my friends are okay

What’s your most admirable quality?
a) I’m a generally nice guy, if not a bit stupid.
b) I can give the most amazing blow jobs. 
c) I’m a typical princess, and can lay the manners on thick while inwardly laughing.
d) I’m very sarcastic, and am told I’m witty.
e) I’m so happy, happy, happy.
f) …I’m hot.

a) I’m so unbelievably indecisive.
b) My mood swings are awful. It doesn’t look it, but I’m very depressed.
c) I’m very catty, and don’t let many people in.
d) I can’t accept reality, and ignore my problems.
e) I’m very naïve. Extremely so.
f) I’m a bitch. When I hurt people, guess what, I don’t care.

You have a day all to yourself. What do you do?
a) I read, or go for a walk. Nothing too special.
b) Hit the clubs, and bars, or perhaps go shopping to show off my wealth.
c) Take a few dear friends to a classy lunch.
d) Wander around the city. I love urban settings.
e) Get some ice cream!
f) Try to forget about my problems, and ask my parents for the latest clothes.

How is your current financial state these days?
a) Alright. We have a manor, but it’s pretty average.
b) I’m very wealthy, not like an aristocrat, but I can buy what I want, when I want.
c) Rich. Next please.
d) I’m dirt poor, though my relatives have money. I’ve always been broke.
e) Normal, I think? Why does it matter?
f) My family is aristocratic. I’d accept nothing less.

How do you feel about Raphie, your creator?
a) What was she thinking?
b) The fucking bitch.
c) We don’t talk too much.
d) She made my life hell. Why does she like hurting me so much?
e) Um, she’s sweet. She made me, right?
f) She’s a bore.

I killed your love interest. What do you do?
a) OMG WHAT?! *does something very brash and stupid*
b) … … *sobs and breaks*
c) No.No.No. I -- *says nothing else* *closes up*
d) It’s not real. It can’t be,
f) *mopes* *plots painful revenge*
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